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How to preserve your capital during a crisis?

News that came from China, a warning from the SEC on crypto assets, and a statement from Senator Mrs. Elizabeth Warren, collectively, negatively impacted the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is on the verge of collapse, many analysts and insiders predict a drop in Bitcoin to the level of 27,000 - 25,000 USD / 1BTC.

Currently, there is a real threat of loss of capital in the cryptocurrency. And further actions of the Government of China may lead to an irretrievable loss of capital in cryptocurrency.

Now is the time to think about the safety and diversification of your cryptocurrency capitals.

A real tool for preserving and diversifying capital is NTF tokens, which are backed by real and liquid assets.

The OFEK NFT marketplace makes it possible to diversify capital through the purchase of NFT tokens. All tokens are backed by valuable and liquid assets: antiques; diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones, jewelry with diamonds, emeralds, real estate.

The owner of the NFT token will not only save his capital, but also increase it in passive mode. Also, the Owner of the NFT token, if necessary, can sell it at a higher price.

And also, the Owner of the NFT token can receive the asset purchased through the NFT token, and, if necessary, on the basis of this asset, issue another NFT token, and put this NFT token for sale. Management options for purchased NFT tokens may vary. But the main result is capital savings in the face of crisis and market volatility.

Use the opportunities, preservation and diversification of assets provided by OFEK NFT Marketplace.

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