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OFEK NFT, a new marketplace of real assets.

Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation, Netherlands, initiated the creation of a marketplace where it is possible to sell NTF tokens backed by real assets.

The team of the considers the growing NFT market as a market for items of purchase / sale with the potential to preserve and diversify capital, and with the possibility of buying / selling them for cryptocurrency.

Buying NFT tokens on the NFT market not only allows you to get unique items in your ownership, but also provides the ability to safely trade (resell) these items in the secondary market without actually moving it.

Almost any work of art, gems, jewelry, antiques, real estate, manufacturing facilities and technology etc., can be sold or bought using NFT tokens.

NFT token is an innovative tool that simplifies and facilitates cross-border trade and financial transactions.

Marketplace OFEK NFT can be viewed as a market for unique real Assets that have the potential to preserve and diversify capital, as well as increase it.

NFT tokens, presented on the OFEK NFT have a wide range and price variety of investment items, with The possibility of buying both for fiat currency (USD, EURO) and for cryptocurrency.

Currently, the team of OFEK NFT is developing the following directions in the NFT market:

1) NFT Art: painting, icon painting, sculpture, antiques.

2) NFT Gems: unique natural precious and semi-precious stones; diamonds, emeralds, rubies, topaz, beryl’s, etc. As well as jewelry from them.

3) NFT Real estate: unique real estate.

4) NFT Charity: this Program, which allows young talent to realize their talent through the NFT, and sell their creations through the OFEK NFT marketplace.

In the near future, OFEK NFT will open new promising directions for the sale of NFT tokens:

1) NFT Production & Technology: enterprises, technologies, patents, licenses, franchises, digital assets of Companies.

2) NFT Tour: Exclusive travel tours around the world.

Welcome to Marketplace OFEK NFT!

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