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OFEK Technology Inc., USA announces the launch of Equity Token Offering (ETO) on January 8, 2024.

Updated: Jan 4

OFEK Technology Inc., USA, a leading company in the field of innovations and technology, is pleased to announce the launch of Equity Token Offering (ETO) for the OTI Equity Token. This event is aimed at raising funds for the development and implementation of projects related to renewable energy, space, medicine, ecology, and the IT industry.


ETOs are becoming increasingly popular among companies striving for innovation and sustainable development. The OTI Equity Token will provide investors with an opportunity to support and participate in the development of OFEK Technology Inc., USA, contributing to the creation of innovative solutions and fantastic technologies that are being realized today.


Investments raised through the ETO will be directed towards funding strategically important projects of OFEK Technology Inc., USA. These projects represent pioneering research and development in areas that are highly significant and relevant today, anticipated to be in demand in the market for a prolonged period.


"We take pride in our innovative projects and strive to change the world for the better through advanced technologies, addressing today's pressing challenges. The Equity Token Offering (ETO) for the OTI Equity Token (OTI) provides an opportunity for our partners and investors to become part of our team and participants in the creation and implementation of breakthrough technologies capable of changing the world for the better," stated - Mr. David van Horn, Executive Director of OFEK Technology Inc., USA.


Equity Token Offering (ETO) is a method of raising funds - investments that allows companies to sell digital tokens representing ownership, assets of OFEK Technology Inc., USA. Investors who participate in the Equity Token Offering and acquire ownership of OTI Equity Tokens receive dividends amounting to 22% annually and have the opportunity to become shareholders of OFEK Technology Inc.


Additional information about the OTI Equity Token and Equity Token Offering is available on the official website of the Company "OFEK Technology Inc.", USA - 

The company invites all interested parties to join this exciting stage of creating fantastic technologies and innovations, as well as to contribute to changing the world for the better.

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