Even the most promising and cost-effective project, without investment financing, cannot be implemented. And this promising and cost-effective project will remain only a good idea, in the register of “good intentions”, on the dusty shelves of the archive of “unrealized ideas”.


Based on market knowledge and its practical experience and the application of innovative technologies, our affiliate company "OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O.", has developed a new investmentsystem product: "OFEK*INVESTMENT*PROJECT".

The developed investment product "OFEK*INVESTMENT*PROJECT", includes a full range of services, which allows us to guarantee our Partners the receipt of investments in order to finance implementation their projects.


This is an integrated approach to decisions related to the financing of current projects, it is direct interaction; with institutional investors, direct financing funds, large private investors and investment funds, which allow us to attract investments (financing) for the implementation of projects of our Partners.

The investment product "OFEK*INVESTMENT*PROJECT"provides Investors with guarantees of the return on investments made in the project, and also guarantees the Investors the payment of dividends due to it.
It also provides an opportunity for the Investor, if necessary, to return their investments early, without prejudice to the implementation of the project.

It is this aspect of investment technology that makes it possible to strengthen the motivation of Investors to invest in the projects of our Partners.

When creating the investment product "OFEK*INVESTMENT*PROJECT", the development team took into account all the changes taking place in the international financial market, the requirements and wishes of Investors, as well as the use of innovative technologies. The team, a team of developers of the investment product "OFEK*INVESTMENT*PROJECT", attracted the best technologies from the market and supplemented them with their own innovative developments.


Our affiliate company "OFEK CONSALTING D.O.O.", provides full support for our Partners, until the receipt of investments (financing) in full.

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