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OFEK Technology Inc., USA is affileid company of OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation.


OFEK Technology Inc. is a technological hub where the boundaries of imagination and innovation are pushed to create revolutionary products and services that transcend industries.


OFEK Technology Inc., we strive to be at the forefront of technological advancements in space exploration, medicine, environmental ecology, and information technology. Our mission is to redefine the limits of what's possible and contribute to positive changes in the world.


Space Exploration Research.


At OFEK Technology Inc. aims to lead in the development of innovative technologies for exploring the vast expanse of space. Our team of brilliant engineers, astrophysicists, and space enthusiasts is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies that will push humanity beyond the existing limits of space exploration. Our key areas of research include the creation of fundamentally new types of space propulsion systems and innovative space habitats for astronauts, revolutionizing space missions and providing crucial data for scientific research.


Medical Revolution.


Healthcare is fundamental to human well-being, and at OFEK Technology Inc., we are focused on creating technologies to transform the medical landscape. Our team of medical experts and engineers endeavors to develop innovative medical devices, diagnostic tools, and treatments.

From AI-based diagnostic instruments to personalized medicine and regenerative therapies, OFEK Technology Inc. aims to improve patient outcomes and contribute to the advancement of healthcare worldwide.


Environmental Protection.


Protecting our planet is one of the most pressing challenges we face today. OFEK Technology Inc. is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly solutions to address ecological issues. Our focus is on renewable energy technologies, carbon dioxide decarbonization, sustainable agricultural product storage methods, and advanced waste management systems. By combining innovation with environmental stewardship, we strive to create a more eco-friendly and sustainable future for future generations.


Expanding IT Industry.


Possibilities The digital era has revolutionized how we live, work, and communicate. OFEK Technology Inc. is at the forefront of expanding the possibilities of the IT industry through cutting-edge advancements. From cybersecurity solutions safeguarding confidential data to AI applications and machine learning optimizing processes and decision-making, we aim to enhance the IT landscape and push the boundaries of technological possibilities.


Collaboration and Global.


Impact OFEK Technology Inc. understands that collaboration is key to achieving grand successes. We actively collaborate with academic institutions, research organizations, and industry leaders to leverage collective knowledge and resources. Encouraging a culture of innovation and collaboration, OFEK Technology Inc. aims to make a positive global impact through its technological efforts.




OFEK Technology Inc. is not just another technology company; it is a visionary center that thrives on challenging the status quo. Our commitment to developing next-generation technological products and services knows no bounds. Through our efforts in space, medicine, environmental ecology, and information technology, OFEK Technology Inc. shapes a brighter and promising future for humanity.


OFEK Technology Inc.,  invites you to join this extraordinary journey, venturing into the unknown, seeking answers, progressing forward, and changing the world for the better, creating a world where technology knows no limits.


Stay tuned for updates, breakthroughs, and announcements as OFEK Technology Inc. continues to build the future!

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