"OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation" - creates  private highly profitable programs (PPP), that give our partners the opportunity to receive stable and high profits. Whether it is investing: in securities, cryptocurrencies, the real estate sector, construction, promising projects or other classes of alternative assets.

"OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation", offers its partners several options for a balanced investment portfolio for medium-term and long-term deposits. Medium-term deposits for a period of six (6) months. Long-term deposits for a period of twelve (12) months to five (5) years.

For our Partners, we offer balanced and active investment portfolios. Operations of an active portfolio is participation in trading transactions in the global market with a fixed income of 12% - 24% per month.

Dividends are paid once (1) every three (3) months.

And also "OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation", places the financial resources of our partners; in construction projects, innovative and technological projects, in energy projects.

Executing Company is Company's "OFEK Consulting d.o.o.", , which is an affiliated Company of "OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation".

More information is available upon request for participation in private profitable programs (PPP); email:  or

Private Profitable Program (PPP).
- Trust management of financial and cryptocurrency assets.

- High income level.
- Legal support.
- An innovative approach to paying dividends.
- Medium-term and long-term PPPrograms.
- Low levels of risk.
- Agents services are welcome.