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About Us

"OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation", registered in the Netherlands - in the old, good and reliable Europe. The Netherlands is a country with a high reputation, with high political and economic stability, and also has a high level of confidentiality.

With the help of "OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation", our partners can protect their assets, from claims of creditors and raiders, as well as from unscrupulous heirs, and to achieve tax optimization.

"OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation" - creates products that provide our partners with an opportunity to receive stable profitability adjusted for risk. Whether it is the strategy of investing in securities, sector of real estate, construction or other classes of alternative assets. 

Our goal is to use investment strategies that increase asset diversification and the alpha coefficient. We use investment projects with maximum financial returns with minimal risks.

"OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation", effectively diversifies strategically important assets and also takes positions swing on stock exchanges. A strong team of experienced traders and analysts OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation, focuses on active trading on various exchanges to increase the portfolio balance of our partners, for its efficiency and its distribution model.

With "OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation", our partners can increase their financial capital, investing it in liquid assets.

The team of the investment fund "OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation", has developed a balanced portfolio of short term, medium-term and long-term deposits for its partners.

OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation conducts regular analysis in the financial market which makes it possible to form the most profitable and promising proposals. We use investment projects with maximum financial returns with minimal risks.

For each client and partner OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation, becoming a reliable guide on the financial and investment markets and in the financial world as a whole.

  • Investment of Projects

  • Custody of Assets

  • High-yield programs    

  • Trust management                                      

  • Borrowing and Granting Loans 

  • Cryptocurrency market services

  • Securities and Financial Instruments

  • Payment of dividends

  • Escrow services 

  • Charitable programs

  • Trading (Market) platforms

  • Legal advice

  • Operations with Related Persons

  • Personal/Family/Corporate Settlement Services 

  • Attraction agents

  • Agent Services, B2B marketing

  • Consulting service

  • IT Services

Token sale and Listing 

Token sale GreenEnergyCoin (Symbol - GEC ) will start on 08.08.2022 at 02:00, GMT+0. 

Token sale will be held on the international exchange ALTCOINS HUB with the assistance of ALTCOINS HUB ECOSYSTEM:

Liquidity of the GEC token will increase as the project is implemented, and the volume of electricity produced increases.

After the Token sale ends, the GEC token will continue to be listed on exchange ALTCOINS HUB, as well as on the exchanges: Bibox, Singapore ​and Bitrue, USA.

More details..

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Project GEC GREENENERGYCOIN was originally focused on the energy sector of the world economy in the field of "Green Energetics" - the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. In the implementation of the project, both advanced financial and industrial technologies are used to produce and sell a product that is in great demand. Such a product is electricity, which is consumed and sold in the markets of countries that have a constant deficit in generated capacity and depend on its imports.

GEC GREENENERGYCOIN is a reliable investment project that aims to create a highly profitable enterprise that will produce electricity from renewable sources. And GreenEnergyCoin token (Symbol - GEC) should become a full-fledged unit of accounting for electricity produced and delivered.

More details...



Stichting Investment Foundation

Registration number (kVk): 70029733

RSIN: 858110647 

Address: 11 C10, Stadionstraat, Breda 4815NC, Netherlands



For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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