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Bitcoin, the undisputed winner of 2020!

On the first day of the new year, Bitcoin made another all-time record against the US dollar at around $ 29,620.00.

And on January 02, 2021, Bitcoin sets its new all-time high of 33,480.00 US dollars.

But in 2020, the US dollar and several other fiat currencies are not the only ones to hit new highs against BTC. Even in relation to gold, the digital asset has reached new heights.

Bitcoin has set a new all-time high against gold, with the price of BTC against gold as of December 31, 2020: 15.3329 Trinity ounces per 1 BTC.

While oil remains deeply red, yields are - 22% in 2020, other asset classes have risen but have not even come close to hitting Bitcoin.

Private assets rose 9%, while stocks rose 15%, cash grew 16% and bonds rose 20%.

The return on precious metals from the beginning of the year to the present was only 28%.

However, Bitcoin became the undisputed winner of the year with a gain of + 318%.

Bitcoin, has had a tumultuous and successful 2020.

Bitcoin is up 675% from March lows, and in the past two weeks, it has broken several levels in a row, without any significant pullbacks, since its uptrend began in September 2020.

Thanks to these profits, Bitcoin's market cap surpassed $ 545 million and it became the 10th largest asset by market cap, overtaking Berkshire Hathaway, of skeptic Warren Buffett's.

This year 2021, things will get even more interesting, as the speed with which the events around Bitcoin began to develop, the expansion of the circle of investors, as well as the high and stable demand for digital assets, will provide dynamic growth in the value of Bitcoin in 2021.

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