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Revolutionizing Investment with Digital Securities: The OTI Equity Token by OFEK Technology Inc.

At present, in the uncertain and complex conditions of the world economic system functioning. The problems of business development acquire special significance, which are confirmed by the formation of the latest policies, trends and development schemes of the world economy. At present there is a discrepancy - a gap between the theory of business promotion and practical ways of its realization.

Despite the complexity of the situation in the world economy, however, the market stimulates the emergence of additional activity, the entry of new companies into the market and the emergence of additional opportunities for development. And such companies are Startups.

Startup, as a form of organization of innovation and entrepreneurial activity, in recent years, is becoming more and more common practice of building the foundations of future promising business model.

The key feature of a Startup is the presence of a business plan for development, promotion of any significant development idea at the present stage. It is based on an innovative or technological product; in addition, the Startup is presented as a “young” company with a high potential for future development.

The main problem in the development of promising startups is the difficulty of attracting financing and investors. The processes of attracting investors, in most cases, are organized chaotically, without a unified structure and systematic approach, which does not allow for the full development of sufficiently significant startup ideas.

One of the innovators in solving this problem is OFEK Technology Inc., USA.

The OFEK Technology Inc. team, in order to attract investors for the realization of its projects, has developed an appropriate strategy and system of investment attraction, focused on high manageability and variability of approaches.

The key decision of OFEK Technology Inc. was to issue and market launch the Company's securities in digital format - Security Tokens, which must comply with U.S. law and be regulated in accordance with the requirements of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), USA.

Issuance of securities in digital format regulated by the U.S. legislation allowed to secure investors' investment funds and protect the Company's issued securities from artificial manipulation.

OFEK Technology Inc., USA, has launched and marketed Convertible Eurobonds / CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTES in a digital format - Security Tokens known as OTI Equity Tokens (OTI).

The main key features of the OTI Equity Token are:

· OTI Equity Token is a security token that includes all the necessary requirements for security tokens as securities under US law and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) rules, USA.

· High yield OTI Equity Tokens, offer a competitive dividend rate of 22% per annum, making them an attractive investment vehicle.

· Convertibility OTI Equity Tokens, are convertible Eurobonds and will be convertible into shares of OFEK Technology Inc. This gives investors the opportunity to potentially benefit from the growth, development and success of OFEK Technology Inc.

· Global reach, allows investors from around the world to participate in investing in OFEK Technology Inc. projects.

By issuing OTI Equity Tokens, OFEK Technology Inc. aims to raise funding to drive innovation, expand its technological presence and realize its ambitious projects.

If you would like to learn more about OTI Equity Tokens, please follow the link:

OFEK Technology Inc. is undoubtedly an ambitious Company - it is a technology HUB that covers such topical areas; renewable energy, medicine, space, ecology and decarbonization, IT-industry and artificial intelligence (AI).

But we will talk about the fantastic technologies and Hi-tech solutions of the OFEK Technology Inc. team in the following publications.

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